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Practice Areas

Real Estate Investment

Representation for real estate investors in the South Florida real estate market is a service that the Firm proudly provides. As a result of the real estate market crash in Florida, many properties were left vacant and neglected. Investment companies continue to help revitalize the real estate market. The Firm offers full support to these companies, including from the inception of the purchase at a foreclosure sale of a condominium unit governed by an association or a single family home.

With respect to condominium units, the Firm is specialized in dealing with associations from the date you obtain title and receive demands by the association for the payment of delinquent assessments attributable to the prior owner of the unit. Many times, the demands are improper or exaggerated. We help you resolve these disputes at the pre-litigation stage and if it becomes necessary, we litigate these issues.  With years of experience representing one of the largest local real investment companies, we offer our services for real estate investors at affordable rates.